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A revolutionary antimicrobial innovation developed by nature, perfected by science.

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Unleash nature’s pure antimicrobial power to protect

We live in a world where super-bacteria are an ever-increasing risk to human well-being. To cope with this threat, we’re using more and more antimicrobial solutions based on heavy metals and chemicals. These toxins affect both our environment and our health. Thankfully, there is now a safer, more effective option, which will change how we use antimicrobials forever.


The high-performing, non-toxic alternative

Developed by nature and perfected by science, NordShield is a revolutionary, high-performing and non-toxic alternative antimicrobial. Our unique ecological solution is free of heavy metals and chemicals and it’s also both long lasting and certified safe for health and the environment. What’s more, it’s been extensively tested in accredited laboratories in accordance with current regulations.  


Non-irritant • Non-sensitizing • Non-mutagenic • Long-lasting
• Instantly effective • Able to work on wet and dry surfaces • Readily biodegradable
• Safe for humans and the environment



Surface disinfection

Work and home environments

Medical instruments


Wood preservation

Wound and skin care